Eyes of the Soulless

by Krepitus

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"If you want an album that is likely to show the future of Extreme Metal, look no further than this one. Taking in elements of what made bands like Death and Carcass so great but having a much updated formula in terms of cleaner production and more expanse into the world of Progressive Music, little more can be said for this band. If Bloodstock had a new and upcoming band on the main stage in several years it would have to be Krepitus and this is paramount to their talent overall." - Musicology UK

"These eight songs are all excellent, with each having a unique identity. Songs morph from riff-based monsters to soaring 80s solos and melodic interplay. It’s impossible not to break out the invisible oranges when hearing the album, as Krepitus really nail the spirit of metal, old and new, with this excellent album... one of the best extreme metal debuts I’ve heard in a while." - New Noise Mag

"Krepitus is another killer hard and heavy band from Canada. The metal scene in Canada is just bursting at the seams now days. Wow these guys have hit a nerve with their awesome style of death/thrash metal. They have a great combination on old school thrash like Sodom and technical death metal like Arch Enemy and Morbid Angel." - The Dirty Room

"A ferocious blend of modern thrash and old-school death metal, Krepitus are as distinctly melodic as they are uniformly savage, offering a modern metal approach to time honoured structures." - Worship Metal

3.5/5.0 - www.angrymetalguy.com
8/10 - www.musicology.uk.com
9/10 - radiowom.blogspot.ca
7/10 - www.worshipmetal.com
62/100 - www.lordsofmetal.nl/nl
7,3/10 - www.facebook.com/hintf.webzine/


released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Krepitus Calgary, Alberta

Krepitus a metal band from Calgary, Canada. Bringing a thrashy riffing style, a heavy dose of melody with an ever quickening pace of attack. Starting right off into a hectic lifestyle early on in the bands career, with winning round one of Wacken Battle Calgary. Krepitus continues to race against time recording their first demo and soon to be first album. ... more

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Track Name: The Decree of Theodoseus
caught inside
an ideological war
lives lost
reason guides our choices no more

I have seen the svn of god has risen
my faith has been restored
purify this life from knowledge
we'll paint this town with the blood of a whore

Astrological dichotomy
zealous religion seek power in arms
cast the stone of sins salvation
steeped in blood of a truth destroyed

i have seen the svn of god has risen
my faith has been restored
purify this life from knowledge
i raise my sword to be reborn

burning the library of alexandria
left the world embalmed in ignorance

As the svns revelation
illuminates the faults of man
Track Name: Apex Predator
you'll never know the battle
i fight to stay alive
inside a world of chaos
i see my end demise
power beyond comprehension
hidden within my depths
attempted resurrection
i find my means inept

dynamic reinvention
Ive seen the vision of the dead

unstable synaptic torture
a wretched mind been wrought
through constant struggle
a better life's been sought
history written in blood
scars tell of failures of old
tear away illusion
and watch my life unfold

dynamic reinvention
Ive seen the vision of the dead
sadistic misanthropic
from the blade of sin Ive bled
Track Name: Exile
play the odds
what will i find when i get inside?
behind the mask
beneath the lies
when i peer in your soul
behind seductive eyes

must retain
the strength
what is lost when one is broken?
break the wall
i can rebuild
where shadows end
my evil survives

life this way
damned in exile
eviction of the feeling i no longer stand to bear

i am the projection
of what you show
i am the feeling you give
i am the being you'll never know exists
perception is reality
the mind is all we see

I delve deeper into insanity
as each day comes to pass
clarity drains as i
pour my soul in a flask
Track Name: Sharpen the Blade
in the name of god
i take this vow of chastity
but my allegiance remains to the flesh
this collar controls me
like the animal i am
deviancy boils within

god is what i desire
embrace as i will no other
hell awaits me if i stray

come with me where no one else will see
your lust has become my illusion
i must feel you
i must taste your skin
pull me closer
breath me in

a life has been created
from the seed of our sin
the god i let inside me
tears me apart from within

sharpen the blade
the baby unmade
drag the knife across her skin
press it harder
press it in!
you wont scream
bloody murder
when i watch your veins
run dry

they cannot judge me
for what they do not know
your sinful life must end
for gods love to flow
Track Name: Eyes of the Soulless
Never achieved
The desire to be free
In a world destroyed
With potential unfulfilled

A lack of comprehension
A philosopher never understood
An artists broken dream
To be ruined is a way of life

Inject the passion
Pour the pain
Incessant judgement fueled by mass disdain

A slow release
Reality left behind
Hidden under shame the chemical blanket covers all

Satisfy the need
Anhedonia bleeds through my veins
The last symptom released
leaving me sane

Bleed the endless dream
Obliterate the conscious reign
lacerate the senses

Justify a life of deception
Self inflicted prolonged suicide
In a test of fate
How long can you toe the line?
Track Name: Desolate Isolation
In a darkened state of mind
all i see is death
desire to leave it all behind
internal desolation

light ceases to invigorate life
friends become unknown
obscene images of mortal violence
decide the depths of which i fall

buried inside out
dead within this cage
life in desolate isolation

this fog will lift
i am not this way
the strength to kill
turns inward to end this disease
Track Name: Erroneous
i drift out of myself
into a see of cosmic wonder
i know not whats become of me
has my life just been a dream
am i a cosmic entity
my existence i am left to ponder

through this torture a revelation
forced mid emancipation
i am not what i believed
just a shadow of another realm
my consciousness a vivid hell
what is the purpose of my creation

my friends
my family
my life
this my new reality
is this all that's left of me

come and see inside my head
ill make you wish you were dead
shattered hope
there's no return
i drift alone, i drift alone

succumb to my greatest fear
i am going to die out here
adrift alone with no escape
suddenly a flash of light
abrupt end to this viscous fight
my sanity has returned
Track Name: My Desdemona
is it the cause? it is the cause
though ill not shed her blood
nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow
again inside i kill the pain in me

turn out the light! then turn out the light
when i pluck the rose
it must needs whither
it shall not grow, thus ill smell it upon the tree of lies

my Desdemona
faint of heart and breath

why hath the forsaken me?
why hath i forsaken thyself?
a monstrosity beyond measure
all i will have slain is the integrity of self

my Desdemona
faint of heart and breath
my Desdemona
escape the feeling of death

my Desdemona
faint of heart and breath
my Desdemona
released with nothing left